Violent or Criminal Behavior

The Campus Safety & Security Office is located on the lower level of Lewis Hall at the North end, and provides the campus with 24-hour help and protection. This service is provided 7 days a week and 365 days a year. For on-campus emergencies, dial 911 from any campus phone.

• Everyone is asked to assist in making the campus a safe place by being alert to suspicious situations and promptly reporting them.

• If you are a victim or witness to any on-campus offense, AVOID RISKS.

• Promptly notify Campus Safety & Security as soon as possible and report the incident including the following:
o Nature of the incident
o Location of the incident
o Description of the person(s) involved
o Description of the property involved

• If you observe a criminal act or you observe a person behaving in a threatening manner on campus, immediately notify Campus Safety & Security and report the incident.

• Assist Campus Safety & Security staff when they arrive by supplying them with all additional information and ask others to cooperate.

• Should gunfire or discharge explosives be heard on campus, you should take cover immediately. After the disturbance, seek emergency first aid, if necessary.