Bomb Threat

If you observe a suspicious object or potential bomb on campus, DO NOT HANDLE THE OBJECT. Clear the area and IMMEDIATELY call Campus Safety & Security at extension 5999.

• Telephone Bomb Threat: Any person receiving a telephone call bomb threat should ask the caller:

o When is the bomb going to explode?

o Where is the bomb located?

o What kind of bomb is it?

o What does it look like?

o Why did you place the bomb?

Immediately notify Campus Safety & Security and report the incident.

• Fire Department personnel and Campus Safety & Security Officers will conduct a detailed bomb search. Employees are requested to make a cursory inspection of their area for suspicious objects and report the location to Campus Safety & Security. DO NOT TOUCH THE OBJECT! Do not open drawers, cabinets, or turn lights on or off. NOTE; DO NOT USE THE RADIO COMMUNICATIONS. USE OF RADIOS MAY ACTIVATE SOME TYPES OF EXPLOSIVES.

• If the building evacuation order is given, follow the evacuation procedure outlined in Building Evacuation Procedure.