Senior Profile: Megan Parker

Tue Dec 4, 2018
7427As we close out a successful fall season at Dominican University, will profile the graduating seniors from the fall rosters.  Megan Parker is one of the all-time leader in digs, eclipsing the 1,000 career dig mark during her senior season and closing out her four-year career as tenth on the Stars' all-time list at 1,424 career digs.  

Major: Natural Science with a Health Concentration

Minor: Biology

Why did you choose to attend Dominican University?
I chose to attend Dominican University because of the very welcoming community and for the competitive volleyball program.

What was your most memorable moment/experience in the Dominican volleyball program?
My most memorable moment was during my freshman year. We climbed back, after losing the first two sets, for the win against Edgewood College in the conference tournament to make it to the NCAA tournament.

Also, during my senior year, I received the Defensive Player of the Year award for NACC conference. This was definitely a surreal moment and I was honored to receive this award but definitely could not have been done without my amazing teammates and coaches.

How has the Dominican volleyball program helped prepare you for life after college?
Dominican athletics has definitely taught me major life lessons that I will take with me after college but it really comes down to: teamwork, dedication, commitment, communication and time management.  My coaches and teammates have helped me learn to be a more positive and selfless player while allowing me to still be competitive and passionate about my sport.

What advice would you give to future Dominican Star volleyball student-athletes?
My advice to future Dominican Star student-athletes is to remind yourself that you wouldn't be here if you did not have the ability to play at the colligate level; so have confidence in yourself and show it on the court or field during every practice and competition. Also, never be afraid to lean on your teammates.  They'll become your second family and possibly your best friends for life.

What are your career plans after graduation?
After I finish my undergraduate degree at Dominican University, I will attend graduate school to continue my education in the medical field.

Coaches comments:
"Megan grew so much in our time together, and I'm so proud of her and the career she had.  She was a stud for us on the floor this year and rightfully earned Defensive Player of the Year.  Megan was always asking questions in practice, looking for ways to better understand the game, her teammates and opponents.  She embraced our defensive scheme, which meant giving her a huge chunk of the court to cover, and excelled in that role.  Her competitiveness is rarely matched, and that is something I greatly appreciated about what she brought to our team!  You stepped up in the two years I had the opportunity to coach you, and I'm excited to see what you do next, Meg!" - Cameron Andrew