Wellness Center

The Dominican University Wellness Center, is located on the lower level of Coughlin Hall, and is open weekdays 9 AM-Noon and 1-5 PM. Appointments outside these hours may be arranged by request. The Wellness Center provides counseling services, health services, health education, preventive health care and various developmental, educational, support and therapeutic programs. In recognition of the dignity of every student enrolled at Dominican University and in keeping with the Catholic and Dominican traditions that inform the character and mission of the university, the Wellness Center seeks particularly to serve students’ individual health and counseling needs in an atmosphere of clinical excellence and confidentiality.

The center is committed to maintaining an atmosphere of openness and trust, encouraging free exploration and discussion of attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviors that are similar to and/or different from those of other people. The staff is dedicated to the promotion of respect and sensitivity for all persons regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, physical ability or sexual orientation. The staff also actively encourages students to take responsibility for making decisions about their own physical and mental health and for protecting the health of others. Information exchanged between student and Dominican’s health care professionals is kept in complete and strict confidence and will not be released to others, without a release of information by the student, except in the case of an emergency.

Dominican’s Accident Plan (included in tuition) This is an add on, limited plan covering all Dominican students for accidents and injuries up to $15,000. Collegiate Athletes DO have limited coverage within this plan.

Wellness Center’s Counseling Services

Michael Purcell, PsyD, Assistant Clinical Director for Counseling Services

Phone: (708) 524-6946

Email: mpurcell@dom.edu

The Wellness Center offers individualized, confidential counseling services to all Dominican University students at no charge.

The Wellness Center’s counseling team is comprised of experienced, licensed professionals as well as graduate-level interns who are under the direct supervision of our clinical training staff. Helping students who are overwhelmed, stressed or otherwise in need of clinically excellent mental health care without charge or limits on visits is a point of pride at Dominican. The Wellness Center has a variety of professional collaborative agreements with psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, behavioral health clinics and hospitals. Students who need a local provider to prescribe certain psychiatric medications (e.g., those classified as controlled substances) should bring their health records and contact the Wellness Center for referrals when they arrive. Maintaining mental health and well-being is an essential component in successfully engaging university life for many students, so the Wellness Center encourages students to investigate counseling services before they are too overwhelmed.

Counseling services are confidential. All information, including records, are maintained separately from other University records and held in strict confidence, shared only with the students’ written permission. Counseling is focused on students’ strengths and wellness. It may include stress management, counseling, education, consultation or referral to community providers. Students often present a multitude of concerns at the Wellness Center; some of these include adjustment issues, developing identity issues, separation anxiety, social anxiety, relationships, family concerns, depression, anxiety, trauma and loss, eating disorders, alcohol and/or substance abuse. The counseling staff provides support and tools for stress management, career indecision, self-esteem and time management.

When emotional or behavioral difficulties affect academic performance, physical health or personal relationships, this is a welcoming place to find help. We have a wide array of tools to help students manage their emotional and mental health at a level for optimal academic performance. The Wellness Center also offers the Wellness Room – equipped with a massage chair, a relaxation-focused sound system and light therapy tools. Students may reserve time in the Wellness Room or simply drop in.

Wellness Center’s Student Health Services

Robin Shinall, RN, MSN, APN-BC, Assistant Director for Student Health Services

Phone: (708) 524-6230

Email: rshinall@dom.edu

Student health services staff provides basic and urgent health care services to all Dominican students: graduate, undergraduate, commuter, resident, full-time or part-time. Our nurse practitioner is an advanced practitioner who has advanced education and clinical training in a health-care specialty area. Seeing a nurse practitioner at the Wellness Center is similar to going to a doctor’s office but vastly more affordable. They are able to diagnose, test, treat including prescribed medication (under a collaborative agreement with a physician who provides clinical oversight). Examples of services provided include: diagnosis and treatment of illness and injuries; immunizations, blood tests to verify immunization, cold/flu treatment, STI testing, pap smears, pregnancy testing, cholesterol/routine blood testing, physicals, TB tests, strep throat/mono tests, urinalysis, nutrition and weight management and preventive health maintenance visits. Call us for help, if we can’t resolve your problem ourselves we will be happy to connect students to our network of local providers, doctors and specialists in the area.

Dominican University maintains a collaborative relationship with Rush Oak Park Hospital Physician’s Group. Dominican students seen by this practice group will receive coordinated care at the Hospital or in the doctor’s office if they identify themselves as Dominican students. Dominican students are strongly urged to obtain health insurance, either privately or through the university at www.dominicaninsurance.com. Uninsured students in need may access the charity care program at Rush Physicians Group or Rush Oak Park Hospital. Rush Physicians Group is located at 7734 North Avenue, Elmwood Park, IL. Please call for an appointment at (708) 456-6611.

Immunization records are mandatory for students enrolled in six or more hours and are monitored and maintained by the Wellness Center. Please see the Immunization Policy above or at www.dom.edu/wellness for details about your compliance. Fines are assessed each semester to students who do not comply.

Emergencies: In the event of a health or mental health emergency on campus, please contact campus security at 911. In the event of a non-emergency health concern after hours, please call (708) 524-6229 or ext. 6229 and follow the prompts.