Campus Safety and Security

Dominican University is committed to promoting a safe, secure and value-centered educational environment that is conducive to academic and personal development. We achieve this goal through the effective combination of security policies, educational programs, and the timely reporting and communication of campus crime statistics. Safety and security is a shared responsibility of the entire university community. Security’s duties include opening and closing buildings, inspecting buildings and grounds for safety hazards and enforcing the Dominican University parking policy. The staff is trained to assist emergency personnel including police, fire and paramedics in emergency situations. In addition, campus security works closely with the residence life staff in support of the residence halls. The security staff is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For non-emergency assistance, call the security dispatcher at extension 5999 from any on-campus phone.

Escort Safety Service

Campus Safety and Security provides escorts to campus buildings and parking lots. To request a security escort, call the security dispatcher at (708) 524-5999 or dial extension 5999 from any campus phone.

Fire/Safety Report

This annual Fire/Safety Report summarizes the elements of the campus fire/safety programs, which is administered and maintained by the Campus Safety and Security Department. This public disclosure is intended to inform current and prospective students and employees of the fire/safety programs and policies in place at Dominican University, and the institution’s state of readiness to detect and respond appropriately to fire related emergencies. This report can be viewed online at: b1c326778083

Hard copies of the report are available for public review by calling 708-524-6300 or by visiting the Office of Campus Safety and Security located in the lower level of Lewis Hall. The Campus Safety and Security office is open from Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm excluding holidays.

Fire Safety

Each on campus building has its own fire alarm system and contains pull stations to sound the alarm and smoke, heat or beam detectors.

1. Look for the nearest exit. Whenever you enter a large building, make a mental note of the nearest exit.

2. Do not use an elevator for an exit. The elevator may stop on a floor with a fire. In newer buildings, elevators are tied into the fire alarm system and will not operate.

3. If you see a fire or heavy smoke:

a. Dial 911 and/or pull the fire alarm while exiting the building. Do not try to fight the fire. Sounding the alarm and safely exiting the building are priorities.

b. Exit the building completely and keep a safe distance. Help make sure everyone gets out and assist those in need.

c. Shut all windows and doors. Because a fire needs oxygen, you can help contain the fire by closing windows and doors as you exit.

4. If you hear an alarm:

a. Make sure everyone gets out and assist those in need.

b. Exit the building completely and keep a safe distance (at least 100 feet).

c. Shut windows and doors behind you if you feel time permits.

d. Wait for an “all clear” signal from security or the fire department before entering the building.

ID’s and Key Cards

Campus Safety and Security, Lewis Hall, Lower Level

Phone: (708) 524-6300

All students are required to carry a current Dominican University ID card. It is to be used as identification for admission to university events for the legal bearer. New students will be issued a photo ID with a one-year expiration. To get an ID you must provide a valid driver’s license or passport with proof of current class registration or employment verification. Returning students must have their ID cards validated for the current academic year. Students are responsible for the use and misuse of their ID cards. Lost cards must be reported immediately to Campus Safety and Security. There is a $5.00 fee to replace an ID card and a $35.00 fee to replace resident ID/key cards. Faculty and staff will be issued a photo ID card with a one-year expiration.

Locker Registration

Campus Safety and Security

Lewis Hall, Lower Level

Phone: (708) 524-6300

Locker areas are located: Lower Level of the Student Center; on the lower level of Rebecca Crown Library; and on the fourth floor of Lewis hall. The locker registration process is easy. Each locker will have a registration card attached. Simply choose a locker without a lock on it, fill out the registration card and return it to the security office during regular business hours. There is no advance registration.

Important Notes

• If you want to share a locker, put both names on the registration card.

• Please register for a locker for the 2015-2016 academic year even if you have occupied a locker in the past.

• Place your lock on your locker at the time of registration to ensure someone else does not select your locker.

• Locks are available for purchase in the bookstore. Personal items must be removed from lockers at the end of each semester to avoid disposal.

Lost And Found

Campus Safety and Security serves as the coordinator for lost and found items. To report or inquire about a lost item, please call Campus Safety and Security at (708) 524-6300.


Campus Safety and Security is responsible for monitoring vehicles parked on campus. Security officers patrol the parking garage and parking lots to help create a safe environment. They are also charged with the responsibility of ticketing parking violators and enforcing parking regulations.

The Dominican University parking garage and parking lots are only open to properly registered and stickered vehicles. The three parking lots are: the east lot with an entrance on Park Avenue, the west lot with an entrance on Division Street and off Thatcher Avenue and the Greenfield lot adjacent to the parking garage. The parking garage, accessible from the west parking lot, is located on the northwest side of the Main Campus. Dominican also offers remote parking at the Priory Campus at 7200 West Division Street. Shuttle service is available seven days a week. A shuttle schedule is available from campus safety and security.

There are also small areas marked for faculty/staff. Only vehicles with the proper faculty/staff sticker may park in these areas. These areas are reserved at all times including holidays, semester breaks and weekends. There are also marked hybrid, compact car and reserved parking spaces.

Visitor parking is reserved for the parking of a non-student, non-faculty or a non-staff member.

Short-term visitor parking, without a permit, is located around the circle, inside the main entrance at 7900 West Division Street. Short-term visitor parking is for visitors who are on campus for less than two hours.

Long-term visitor parking is for visitors who are on campus for longer than two hours. They should not park around the circle, but rather register for a temporary permit and park in the east or west lot or parking garage. Temporary permits are available at the Office of Campus Safety and Security.

The East lot is reserved for Resident Parking ONLY from 6:00PM to 6:00AM. Vehicles not displaying the Resident sticker during these times will be ticketed. **Please note that this restriction will be waived during all home athletic events held in the Igini Sports Forum**

Campus Security will be enforcing the 2am-6am overnight restriction for all vehicles including resident permits in all parking areas seven days a week. Residents can only park in the East or Greenfield lots overnight. All overnight guests who need to leave their vehicle on campus overnight will need to obtain a temporary overnight permit from Campus Security and must park in the Greenfield lot.

Roof level parking in the parking garage will only be allowed Monday thru Friday 8am– 8pm. Any vehicles parked outside of those hours will be ticketed. Access to the roof level will be blocked outside of those hours.

Parking Stickers

Phone: (708) 524-6300

A parking permit can be purchased for $100.00 for Resident Students, $50.00 for Commuter Students and $50.00 for Faculty or Staff. Payments can be made online with a debit or credit card or in person with cash or check at Student Accounts. For persons who frequently drive a second car to campus, you can purchase a second parking sticker for half price.

You must bring a copy of your receipt to the Security Office with your completed permit application. In order to receive a vehicle sticker, you must show proof of ownership (i.e. insurance card) valid driver’s license, and proper vehicle information including vehicle make, model, and license plate number. Stickers will not be sold without all information properly documented. Stickers must be affixed to the lower front windshield, on the driver’s side.

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM. The first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters, the Campus Safety and Security Office will have extended hours to better accommodate students’ needs. During this time the office will be open Monday through Thursday from 8:00AM until 7:00PM and Fridays from 8:00AM until 4:30PM.

Parking Tickets

Dominican University parking tickets are issued for parking violations on campus. The due date for fine payment or appeal is 14 days from the date of the ticket. The amount of the fine may be added to your tuition bill or deducted from your paycheck.

Security officers will ticket the following violations:

• Vehicles without a valid sticker.

• Vehicles improperly parked in lots, fire lanes, near fire hydrants, handicapped spots, loading docks, resident sister’s parking, other restricted areas, and vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

• River Forest Police also ticket violations in fire lanes, handicapped spaces, and near fire hydrants.

Additionally any vehicle displaying a falsified permit, counterfeit permit, unregistered permit or an unauthorized copy of a permit will be considered in violation of the parking policy and will be ticketed.

Parking enforcement is in effect 24 /7 and 365 days a year. Parking at Dominican University again is allowed by permit only, which includes both main and Priory campuses.

Vehicles receiving a third ticket will have an orange tow warning sticker placed on the driver’s side window. This warning sticker is to inform the vehicle operator that the vehicle is eligible to be towed away at the owner’s expense. On the fourth violation, the vehicle will be ticketed and towed.

The River Forest Police Department also patrols and tickets on campus. River Forest Police generally ticket vehicles blocking fire lanes or throughways and handicapped parking violators. River Forest tickets are completely independent of Dominican University. To appeal, one may have to appear in front of a village hearing officer or in court.

Parking Ticket Appeals

To appeal a Dominican parking ticket, call or visit the campus safety and security office. You will have one chance to appeal a ticket. The first full week of the month following the date of the ticket: Monday thru Friday between the hours of 9am and 2:30pm. The result of the appeal will be one of two choices. The ticket will be thrown out or the ticket stands and your account will be billed.

You must file for an appeal within 14 days of the violation or you will be unable to appeal the ticket.

The purchase of a parking sticker allows you to park on campus. It does not guarantee you a spot. The following types of reasons are not acceptable grounds for appeal:

• lack of knowledge of the regulations(i.e. have not read regulations)

• other vehicles were also parked improperly

• late to class or appointment

• disagreement with or inability to pay the amount of fine(s)

• lack of space

• unread or misunderstood signs

Protecting Valuables

Dominican is a relatively safe and crime-free campus. When a theft occurs, it is generally a crime of opportunity. We can all reduce our chance of becoming victims by being aware of our surroundings and by following the guidelines listed below.

• Lock your door when you leave. Whether you’re a student in the residence halls or a faculty or staff member in an office, remember to lock your door—even if you are only leaving for a short time. Many theft victims report that they were only gone “a couple of minutes” when they returned to find their valuables missing.

• Don’t leave valuables unattended in public places. If you leave your table in the library, dining hall or other public area, bring your valuables with you. Many victims report loss of items such as expensive coats, purses and electronic equipment when stepping away from a table.

• When it comes to your car, keep valuables in the trunk. You place yourself at high risk when someone can look inside your car and see a cellular phone, GPS device, CDs or a leather coat.

• Don’t leave your keys and/or key cards lying around unattended. The residence halls can only be secure if the residents act responsibly. A thief will have a much easier time carting off valuable property if they can gain access unchallenged. If you lose your keys or keycard, report it. A key card can be deactivated immediately.

Report suspicious activity. Get involved. If you notice something that doesn’t seem right, call Campus Safety and Security at extension 5999. In an emergency, dial 911.

Security Dispatcher

Phone: (708)524-5999

The security dispatcher is available 24 hours a day/365 days a year. Dispatchers work all shifts, weekends, holidays, administrative closure days, and inclement weather days. The dispatcher’s primary duty is answering and transmitting all calls involving campus security, physical plant, and local police/fire departments using various communication methods. Other duties include monitoring our camera and fire systems and serving as the after-hours switchboard operator. All calls for non-emergency assistance (unlocks, escorts, etc.) are to be directed to the campus security line x5999. All emergency calls are to be directed to 911 from any phone.

All 911 calls are routed by the phone company to the Public Safety Answering Point at the Village of River Forest Police Department Emergency Communications Specialist. “Enhanced” means that the 911 operator has call display features which tell them your phone number and the location you are calling from. However, you will still need to verify those things for them. This system allows communications personnel to know from where a call originates, even if the caller cannot speak. If the number you are calling from is unlisted or unpublished, the information will still be displayed. Enhanced 9-1-1 for cellular telephone calls is not yet available so it is very important to make sure to state the location of the emergency, nature of the emergency, who is involved and your cellular telephone number. When calling from a cellular telephone be aware of your surroundings, look for landmarks and when driving stop at a safe place and then place your call to 9-1-1.

University Vehicle Use

The Office of Campus Safety and Security coordinates the administration and reservation of university vehicles. University vehicles are available for official Dominican University business including class outings, athletic team transportation and university-recognized organization outings traveling a distance of 25 miles one way, or less. Any trip further than 25 miles will require use of a rental vehicle with the department requesting the vehicle responsible for the cost. The university uses Ace rental and their contact information is available upon request, only Dominican University staff or faculty may reserve vehicles. Only Dominican University staff or faculty may reserve vehicles. To reserve or inquire about the use of university vehicles, please call Campus Safety and Security at (708) 524-6300. For clearance through our insurance company, all drivers must register with Campus Safety and Security two weeks prior to using a university vehicle. A driving test and background check may be necessary at the time of registration. A faculty/staff member must be present in the vehicle. Vehicle reservations are available on a first come first serve basis and may not be available at all times.

Vehicle Jump-Starts

Contact the security office by dialing x5999 or from off campus at (708) 524-5999 if your vehicle needs a jump-start. As a service to the university community, Campus Safety and Security will provide a jump-start to vehicles parked on campus property only. This service is provided at no charge; however, the person requesting the service assumes all liability for any problem(s) resulting from attempts to jump-start a vehicle. Dominican University and its employees and agents are relieved of all liability for any problem resulting from providing this service. The response for a jump-start may not be immediate due to other security business.