Academic Enrichment Center

The Academic Enrichment Center strives to enhance the quality of formal, informal and experiential learning for all Dominican students (both undergraduate and graduate). Through continuing programs and emerging initiatives, the center provides students with a supportive learning commons where they can step beyond the comfortable routines of the classroom and pursue a more dynamic and intentional role in shaping themselves. A newly reconfigured and growing center, the AEC consists of four units, each intended to encourage students to cultivate intellectual independence, imagine what sort of moral, professional, and publically engaged people they wish to become, and pursue experiences that will help them make that possible.

Literacy and Learning Resources supports students’ success with a range of tutoring and academic support services. The office pursues initiatives that support writing and reading skill development and provides high achieving Dominican students the opportunity to serve as tutors.

Career Development provides students with career advising, workshops, internship opportunities, and other strategies for making wise choices and building a rewarding life beyond their years at Dominican.

Global and Civic Engagement, houses International Student Advising and Study Abroad and will offer students a forum to cross cultural or national boundaries, heighten their social consciousness and find the means to engage actively in political advocacy.

Research and Creativity, the unit in its earliest stage of development, will encourage students’ creative expression and provide them with opportunities for both independent scholarship and collaborative research with each other and faculty members.

Contact information for each department is found below.

Career Development

The mission of Career Development is to provide support and guidance to students of all majors as they develop a sense of vocation, seek professional development and pursue careers. Beginning with students in their freshman year and extending beyond their graduation, Career Development educates students about the career planning process and job search strategies, provides them with internships, and facilitates their graduate or professional school application process.

Students seeking assistance from career advisors can find the following services in Parmer Hall, Suite 010.

Career Development – Meet with a career advisor to create a resume, prepare for an interview and develop a comprehensive job search strategy.

Internships – Undergraduate students can receive up to 8 credit hours and explore careers through practical work experience within their major field of study.

Career Exploration – Investigate resources that help both undecided and declared students to explore the types of careers most readily available for students in particular majors.

Graduate School Resources – Meet with a career advisor to discuss and research graduate or professional programs, craft personal statements and practice graduate entrance exams.

Global and Civic Engagement

The mission of Global and Civic Engagement is to prepare students for lives of vigorous citizenship, informed exchange and just action with others both close to home and across cultural and national boundaries. The office seeks to empower students’ participation in “the creation of a more just and humane world,” by offering them opportunities for cultural engagement, public deliberation, civil debate and civic activity that make informed, even inspired, action for a just and humane world possible.

The Global and Civic Engagement office offers the following programs and services for Dominican students.

International Student Advising welcomes students from across the globe and provides them with thorough guidance on how to remain in compliance with the University’s expectations and the requirements of federal law.

Study Abroad encourages students to spend time outside U.S. borders in both Dominican professor-led travel courses and semester or full-year study abroad programs in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Literacy and Learning Resources (formerly Learning Resources)

The mission of Literacy and Learning Resources is to promote and support all Dominican University students’ efforts to achieve success and distinction in their academic careers. Literacy and Learning Resources provides tutoring, academic guidance and appropriate learning accommodations to students at any level in their academic career and across a wide range of subject areas, competency achievements and individual needs. The office also provides Dominican students with opportunities to develop their skills as communicators and educators by working as tutors and in other student academic support roles.

Students seeking academic support from our staff of educational professionals, learning specialists and peer tutors can find all of the following services in Parmer Hall, Suite 010.

Writing Lab – Meet with composition instructors, professional tutors and peer tutors for technical guidance and constructive feedback at all stages of the writing process.

Online Tutoring through the Writing Lab – Receive feedback and guidance from an online writing tutor in pre-arranged Wednesday and Sunday appointments.

Math Clinic – Work with Dominican mathematics instructors and professional tutors to review your reasoning on your math assignments.

Subject Specific Peer Tutoring – Work with academically accomplished and professor recommended student tutors for tutoring in biology, chemistry, psychology, computers, physics, modern languages, business, bioethics and other disciplines.

Disability Support Services – Students who have submitted the required documentation identifying their disability and need for accommodation to the Dean of Students can work with Disability Support Specialists to receive appropriate academic support, services and accommodations.

Please visit us in Parmer 010 or find out how you can make an appointment by visiting using the links above.

Research and Creativity

The mission of Research and Creativity is to encourage Dominican students to embrace lives of rigorous inquiry and meaningful self-expression outside the boundaries of the classroom. A unit of the Academic Enrichment Center, Research and Creativity pursues the strategic priority of Dominican University to build and support programs that foster students’ creative investigations and provide them opportunities to engage in collaborative research. The office will work to foster students with creative confidence, strong habits of mind and distinct voices as authors, scholars and artists.

The Research and Creativity office currently offers Dominican students the following service.

The “Polishing Your Research Presentation” series – a series of workshops led by Dominican faculty to encourage students’ professional development and help them prepare and fine-tune their presentations for local, regional and national academic conferences. Those workshops presently address oral, panel, poster and PowerPoint presentations.