Here is the go-to source for current students about how to locate general resources and forms at Chicago's iSchool and Dominican University. If you cannot find the information you are looking for here on the MyDU intranet or on the website, please contact the iSchool Office or your academic advisor and we'll help point you in the right direction. In general, the most current sources of information and forms are online. Here is an inventory of what’s found where.

Examples of the kinds of things found on the iSchool's website:

•    Programs (degrees, certificates, descriptions, requirements)
•    Admissions
•    Scholarships
•    How to contact faculty and staff
•    Course listings and descriptions
•    Academic policies
•    Career services

Examples of the kinds of things found on SOIS myDU intranet:

•    Pay bills (Student Accounts)
•    Register for courses (Registrar)
•    Drop courses (Registrar's Digital Forms)
•    View course schedules for current, past, and immediate upcoming semesters (Course Search)
•    SOIS Change of advisor form
•    Practicum or Independent Study paperwork (Schools-SOIS-Information and Forms)