I. Foundation Requirements
  • English Composition I and II
  • Mathematics 
  • One Year of a Foreign Language
  • Computer Applications
  • Information Literacy Workshop
    (Must be taken at Dominican)

II. Area Studies (one course in each area)

  • Fine Arts 
  • History (except U.S. History) 
  • Literature 
  • Natural Science
  • Philosophy 
  • Social Science  
  • Theology
  • Multicultural Course*

*A course dealing with the experiences, traditions, beliefs, arts and culture of a third world and/or non-Western country.

III. Liberal Arts and Sciences Seminars (must be taken at Dominican University)**

  • Freshman Seminar- "Dimensions of the Self"
  • Sophomore Seminar- "Community, Culture and Diversity"
  • Junior Seminar- "Technology, Work and Leisure"
  • Senior Seminar- "Virtues and Values"
** Transfer students begin with the seminar that corresponds to their academic level at the time of transferring.