Faculty can reserve Dominican University facilities – including classrooms, lecture halls, lounges and auditoriums –  for academic and non-academic purposes.

·         Before extensive planning activities are conducted for any special program, contact the Scheduling and Event Services department to review available dates, facilities, event planning protocols, and other applicable University policies.

·         The mission of the university, academic integrity, impact on student life and availability of university resources/services to support a special program always retain priority when reviewing facility requests.

·         The use of classrooms for meetings or any purpose other than regularly assigned academic classes are scheduled by the Scheduling and Event Services Office.   

·         Firm deadlines apply for facility requests, and for support services such as catering, IT and physical plant assistance.  Failure to meet these deadlines can result in the lack of support services for the event, additional charges, or the postponement/cancellation of the event. Contact Scheduling & Event Services for additional information regarding such deadlines.

·         Facility requests may require consent of your Academic Dean.

·         Facility charges may apply on requests for private events, activities coordinated with an external partner, and for requests that are noted in the permissible “Outside Activities” and “Outside Professional Activities” described in section 4.4.8 of the Faculty Handbook.