Guidelines for Using Rosary Chapel

Requests to Use the Chapel

The Dominican University community is encouraged to use Rosary Chapel for public prayer and daily liturgy. Additionally, the chapel may be available for lectures, course meetings and other appropriate events on a case-by-case basis.  Requests to reserve Rosary Chapel are made through the Scheduling and Events Services department, who consult with the director of University Ministry about the availability of the space and the suitability of the request.

Because the Blessed Sacrament is reserved, Rosary Chapel is a sacred space and open for individuals to use for prayer and meditation throughout the day.  Requests to use the chapel for events other than religious services need careful consideration.  When the chapel is reserved, consideration will be given to the purpose and content of the event. All events in the chapel must respect the university’s Catholic and Dominican heritage and identity. The director of University Ministry is available for consultation in this matter.  In almost all cases, the Rosary Chapel must be used "as is" and thus furniture cannot be moved or removed.

Guidelines for Chapel Use
 Priority in scheduling will be given to daily liturgies. The liturgy schedule may be adjusted to accommodate significant university events.
  • The altar is a sacred object and is to be treated with respect. Please do not place papers, books, cups, etc. on it .
  • Care is taken to position the altar, ambo, piano and chairs, and they must not be moved without the approval of University Ministry and the assistance of a University Minister.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the chapel.
  • The chapel doors to the Reading Room should remain open so that anyone who wishes to come into the chapel may do so.
  • Requests for a microphone or any electronic needs should be cleared through the director of University Ministry or Scheduling and Event Services.
  • Groups using the chapel are asked remove all handouts, papers, or any other materials in the chapel when they leave.