Guidelines for use of the Parmer 103 Nutrition Science Suite

*    All dates for use must first be reviewed to ensure there is not conflict with or disruption of Nutrition Sciences classes or activities.

*    For more information contact Dave Carlson in SES or Jill White in Nutrition Sciences    

*    Any event involving food/beverage is required to contract such catering with Dining Services/Chartwells  our exclusive food service vendor. 

*    Any furniture set-up within Parmer 103 beyond the existing lab chairs should be done with a facility set-up form submitted to the Physical Plant.

*    Nutrition Sciences , Physical Plant, Dining Services/Chartwells and SES must coordinate event logistics in conjunction with the event.

*    A member of the nutrition faculty or a designated department student is required to be present at all events. A charge for coverage may apply.

*    In order for anyone to use the Parmer 103 suite for food storage/preparation/ice machine, someone present must have a valid State of Illinois Department of Public Health food service sanitation certificate on file with the Nutrition Sciences department prior to the event.  If they do not, they will be required to "hire" a licensed student or staff member to provide this coverage during their use of the facility.

*     Cooking events using the laboratory, demonstration kitchen, or food science laboratory will be considered on a case-by-case basis due to contractual agreements with our food service vendor and the primary academic use of the facility.