Please contact the Dean of Students office with any questions about the university policy on alcohol. Follow this link for the Alcohol Policy checklist required for any event serving alcoholic beverages.  Events with alcohol present may be required to hire private security guards.

The Borra Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (BCTLE Parmer 115) is dedicated as a faculty space Monday through Friday during the regular academic year. The room may be available during the evening, weekend and summer - to request use of the BCTLE please contact Emma Mims at 708-524-5998 or . Follow this link to view the Policy of the Use of the BCTLE .
For more information on the BCTLE, please visit

Policy on Use of the BCTLE Faculty Common Space


We encourage faculty to use the BCTLE common space for informal conversations about teaching or scholarship, browsing the BCTLE library, or reflection or work on each in teaching. The faculty common space is ordinarily open during the following times:
Monday 9:00 – 5:00
Tuesday 11:00 – 5:00
Wednesday 9:00 – 5:00
Thursday 9:00 – 5:00
Friday 9:00 – 5:00

The space will occasionally be used during these times for university‐wide programs focused on teaching and learning innovations and effectiveness (e.g., workshops, presentations, seminars, etc.).

Faculty and staff are welcome to use the common space for more formal conversations about
teaching, learning and scholarship provided that they:
• clear the time and date first with Andrea Sanchez ( to avoid scheduling conflicts,
• understand that other faculty may come in to use the BCTLE space or resource during those times,
• go through Chartwells for all catering needs and return the furniture to its original arrangement upon leaving.


Please understand that the BCTLE is designed primarily as a faculty space, not a classroom. We encourage you to contact either Scheduling & Events Services or the Registrar’s Office to find an appropriate location for your student event.

These restrictions apply only to daytime use of the common space, Monday through Friday, during the regular academic year. The room is available for any group’s use during evening, weekend, and summer hours. Please note that the BCTLE common space is locked before 8:30 and after 5:30; groups seeking to use the space in the evening will need to arrange for use of a key card to gain entry. To request space in the BCTLE, please contact Andrea Sanchez at x6057 or

Guidelines for use of the Parmer 103 Nutrition Science Suite

*    All dates for use must first be reviewed to ensure there is not conflict with or disruption of Nutrition Sciences classes or activities.

*    For more information contact Dave Carlson in SES or Jill White in Nutrition Sciences    

*    Any event involving food/beverage is required to contract such catering with Dining Services/Chartwells  our exclusive food service vendor. 

*    Any furniture set-up within Parmer 103 beyond the existing lab chairs should be done with a facility set-up form submitted to the Physical Plant.

*    Nutrition Sciences , Physical Plant, Dining Services/Chartwells and SES must coordinate event logistics in conjunction with the event.

*    A member of the nutrition faculty or a designated department student is required to be present at all events. A charge for coverage may apply.

*    In order for anyone to use the Parmer 103 suite for food storage/preparation/ice machine, someone present must have a valid State of Illinois Department of Public Health food service sanitation certificate on file with the Nutrition Sciences department prior to the event.  If they do not, they will be required to "hire" a licensed student or staff member to provide this coverage during their use of the facility.

*     Cooking events using the laboratory, demonstration kitchen, or food science laboratory will be considered on a case-by-case basis due to contractual agreements with our food service vendor and the primary academic use of the facility.

Guidelines for Using Rosary Chapel

Requests to Use the Chapel

The Dominican University community is encouraged to use Rosary Chapel for public prayer and daily liturgy. Additionally, the chapel may be available for lectures, course meetings and other appropriate events on a case-by-case basis.  Requests to reserve Rosary Chapel are made through the Scheduling and Events Services department, who consult with the director of University Ministry about the availability of the space and the suitability of the request.

Because the Blessed Sacrament is reserved, Rosary Chapel is a sacred space and open for individuals to use for prayer and meditation throughout the day.  Requests to use the chapel for events other than religious services need careful consideration.  When the chapel is reserved, consideration will be given to the purpose and content of the event. All events in the chapel must respect the university’s Catholic and Dominican heritage and identity. The director of University Ministry is available for consultation in this matter.  In almost all cases, the Rosary Chapel must be used "as is" and thus furniture cannot be moved or removed.

Guidelines for Chapel Use
 Priority in scheduling will be given to daily liturgies. The liturgy schedule may be adjusted to accommodate significant university events.
  • The altar is a sacred object and is to be treated with respect. Please do not place papers, books, cups, etc. on it .
  • Care is taken to position the altar, ambo, piano and chairs, and they must not be moved without the approval of University Ministry and the assistance of a University Minister.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the chapel.
  • The chapel doors to the Reading Room should remain open so that anyone who wishes to come into the chapel may do so.
  • Requests for a microphone or any electronic needs should be cleared through the director of University Ministry or Scheduling and Event Services.
  • Groups using the chapel are asked remove all handouts, papers, or any other materials in the chapel when they leave.


This page is under construction.  Updated Reservation and Facility Use Policies will be provided soon.
Faculty can reserve Dominican University facilities – including classrooms, lecture halls, lounges and auditoriums –  for academic and non-academic purposes.

·         Before extensive planning activities are conducted for any special program, contact the Scheduling and Event Services department to review available dates, facilities, event planning protocols, and other applicable University policies.

·         The mission of the university, academic integrity, impact on student life and availability of university resources/services to support a special program always retain priority when reviewing facility requests.

·         The use of classrooms for meetings or any purpose other than regularly assigned academic classes are scheduled by the Scheduling and Event Services Office.   

·         Firm deadlines apply for facility requests, and for support services such as catering, IT and physical plant assistance.  Failure to meet these deadlines can result in the lack of support services for the event, additional charges, or the postponement/cancellation of the event. Contact Scheduling & Event Services for additional information regarding such deadlines.

·         Facility requests may require consent of your Academic Dean.

·         Facility charges may apply on requests for private events, activities coordinated with an external partner, and for requests that are noted in the permissible “Outside Activities” and “Outside Professional Activities” described in section 4.4.8 of the Faculty Handbook.