To encourage green meetings on campus consider the following green, sustainable practices:

Sending agendas and handouts though e-mail or posting online ahead of time, projecting them on a screen, or writing on a board at the meeting to discourage printing.

If you must print, be sure to print double-sided in black & white, not color.

At the end of the meeting collect extra agendas for scrap paper or printing drafts.

For catered events - encourage attendees to bring their own reusable mugs and if catered, ask for cold beverages  to be served in pitchers instead of bottles and ask for reusable or recyclable utensiles/plates/cups.

Turn off the lights in your office on your way to your meeting and turn off lights and technology equipment in your meeting room when finished.

For additional tips, please contact Cathy Nichin, Sustainability Coordinator, at or extension 6897.