All Student Organizations must work with the Office of Student Involvement to plan and schedule their event needs. If in doubt, contact Scheduling & Event Services at (708) 488-5195 or send us an email and we'll help direct you to the people that will help you plan your event.

Study Spaces for yourself or a group are available in the computer classrooms when not in use for classes or meetings.  Those using the computers must depart the classroom immediately when asked to leave by faculty preparing for an upcoming class, by others who have reserved the room, and by Security personnel.
Computer classrooms include:

003, 004, 114 and 428

002 and 004

111 and 330

Students seeking advance schedule information for computer classrooms can contact DU’s Scheduling & Event Services department by emailing or by calling (708) 488-5295 (ext. 5295 from campus phones).

Weddings: Students who would like to be wed on campus can contact Dolores Carrizosa for more information.